Monday, February 4, 2013

Abraham Lincoln, Account Planner

Ideas come from the most unlikely places.

We decided to see one of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture, "Lincoln."

The film depicts the President strategizing to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, which reminded us of planning in advertising. How could one best solve problems? What qualities are needed?

In the film, President Lincoln evidences many of these qualities.

Empathy: Lincoln understands the plight of African Americans when sympathetically speaking to his wife's maid.

Listening: The President listens with an openness and fairness to constituents who ask for his advice. Knowledge gleaned directly from the source is valuable.

Analysis: After gathering information, he uses it to solve problems from a different angle. He applies a mathematical principle he learned in the past to solve a human problem.

Storytelling: After solving a problem, he explains its solution through an engaging story.

Ideas from history for planners.

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