Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Experience's for You

How does a brand penetrate through a consumer world of too much information due to traditional, social and digital media? Create an experience, which is what Budweiser did for its 2012 Super Bowl spot. Its agency Anomaly staged an influx of fans at a recreational hockey game in Port Credit, Ontario where there are often less spectators.

The event arose through careful orchestration. The agency's staff told the players that they would film a documentary, to dispel any questions about cameras at the rink. Soon after the game began, shouting, costumed fans ran into the bleachers. The look of astonishment and joy on the players' faces is priceless.

One recalls similar events created by KLM and T-Mobile, where they entered the consumers' physical space. Since marketers cannot visit each consumer's home, visit his or her physical environment. The visit represents an effort to meet the consumer halfway, to join him, to engender a conversation.

The result is a new way of marketing, a social experience which impacts consumers through participation and memory. It could be a large and expensive undertaking, but well worth it. Small companies could accomplish this on a smaller scale. Offer a gift to your consumers. Give them the gift of joy, which reflects joy on the brand.

Budweiser's brand gained equity through the hockey game. They created a positive experience for the players and for consumers who watched the spot. Companies should think of new ways to reach customers through the media clutter. A brand's gift of fun will be remembered.