Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are The Shack Ads Effective?

RadioShack launches new commercials in conjunction with their re-branding.

To learn the effectiveness of the RadioShack commercials

Interview consumers on the street who have seen the commercials
Stand near Union Square, San Francisco, a busy shopping area with many pedestrians
Problem: many tourists who had not seen the commercials

Change in Methodology
Target of commercials: cellphone users
Find them: stand outside AT&T cellphone store at a busy intersection, Market & 3rd Streets - success!

Consumers need to have seen the commercials, agree to sign waiver and agree to be filmed
Not easy to satisfy all 3 requirements, but through persistence over the course of 3 days, achieved

Interviews show that consumers understand RadioShack's re-branding and new direction
Interesting finding - negativity about the name change, which should be monitored re: the brand's image
Focus on cellphone customers should not ignore RadioShack's other customers; RadioShack offers many other products besides cellphones